The advantages of Vzoo framework

What is a framework?
First of all, it is important to understand what is a framework. In computing sciences, a framework is a set of components used to create the foundations and the mainlines in all or part of a software.1 It is, in a way, the skeleton which makes the applications robust and reliable.

It has been a few years now that Maerix made the business decision to rewrite in whole the source code behind all its software. The goal was to make these solutions more powerful and scalable. Our programmers used the best practices along with the most recent technologies available on the market. A new framework was born on which Paratox, Smaat, Synapse and Jobarix were built. It has been given the name of “Vzoo”!

How can Vzoo help you?
Vzoo has been designed with the users’ needs in mind. Your daily efforts are put on the management of HSE in your organization. We do not expect you to be a computer guru… This, is our job! It is why every day we put ourselves in YOUR shoes to develop features and tools that will help you.

A new way to work.
Do you remember the beginnings of the smartphone? Initially, nobody saw a potential; but today no one could live without it since it is so easy to use! Simplicity, this is what you can expect from Vzoo. It is a new platform on which all management solutions should rely from now on.

Developed here, by people from here.
In the digital age where more and more tasks are outsourced; it is important to mention that all the development of Vzoo is done by people working at our headquarters or at our office in the US. By working with people from here, we ensure the quality of the work done and maintain some degree of confidentiality related to the intellectual property of our software.

High level of security.
As mentioned above, by ensuring the quality of work performed by our team in Vzoo, we can better control the security around it. Moreover, the failure to use frameworks that were deployed on a large scale such as WordPress, .NET or others, potential threats or intrusion by viruses, robots or hackers are greatly diminished. You then benefit from a highly secured environment, developed by professionals who worked for many years with the government intelligence services before joining Maerix.

Why following the herd, when you can be different?
Did you notice that more and more software look very similar and tend to be more complicated? Usually, the user interface is grey, not too user-friendly and often requires more than 10 steps to complete simple actions such as resetting a password!

With Vzoo, this is now a thing of the past! A black user interface, 4 main buttons in bright colors which summarize 85% to 90% of the features offered. Our IT team works not only the functionalities of our software but also on their visual and usability. It is always better to work with a user-friendly tool that also looks great. This is why we work so hard on those two aspects. What more could you ask for?

Business Intelligence.
Who does not dream of accomplishing more with less? Integrating advanced technologies opens up the possibilities related to business intelligence. The latter aimed at improving business processes and ultimately increasing productivity and competitiveness. Vzoo allows you to be at the forefront in your field using the best tools and thus distance you from the competition.

In conclusion, Vzoo is a solid skeleton on which all our software have been designed and developed. It has been tested, proven and improved by our programmers in collaboration with our user’s community and will continue to progress over time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information; we will be glad to answer your questions.

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