December 1, 2018 : WHMIS 2015 End of Transition Timeline

You are a Canadian employer and you’re wondering what is changing in WHMIS 2015? Indeed, from December 1st, 2018, the transition to WHMIS 2015 must be complete for all suppliers. No need to worry, by being careful and diligent, you will comply without any problems.

Regulations must know :

The company’s duty :

  • Keep an updated inventory.
  • Hazardous products labels must fully comply with the specific regulation.
  • Make sure safety data sheets (SDSs) are accurate and compliant.
  • Educate and train workers on the hazards and safe use of products.

It is recommended to buy a software to manage your safety data sheets. This system will help you in your everyday tasks and will quickly become a must in your office.

Maerix help you with tools and services :

  • Hazardous Products Inventory.
  • Paratox, a Corporate Solution for Hazardous Materials, Labels and SDS.
  • WHMIS Training Course.

Please refer yourself to your OHS Consultant for any other questions. Prevention is better than cure.