Slopestyle, an Olympic discipline in vogue

Pyeongchang Olympic Games skiing event took place on February 17 and 18. Since the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, Slopestyle has become one of the most spectacular Olympic disciplines.

What is Slopestyle?

Originating from the XGAMES, Slopestyle was practiced in snowboarding. Subsequently, the technique migrated to skiing and became a hybrid sport. This discipline requires specially equipped course with rails and various jumps. The athletes are judged on execution, style, progression, amplitude of the jumps, difficulty and figures. It’s an extreme sport for the more adventurous and it is modernizing the Olympics by making them more youthful.With its many ski resorts, the Laurentians is a fertile region for the emergence of young Slopestyle athletes. Many competitions take place during the winter. These competitions include the AXIS JR Games on the four Rockstar MSS Snowpark summits, as well as the AXIS JR Slopestyle on Avila summit powered by the AXIS boutique in Saint-Sauveur.

Through its commitment to this freestyler community, MAERIX is proud to be actively involved in winter sports activities in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and counter school dropouts. Moreover, we are proud to have among our young ambassadors Éliott St-Marseille, symbol of a healthy and promising youth. Éliott participated in the AXIS JR Games for the third time and has two podiums to his credit this year.

Maerix also wishes to congratulate Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, who has won the bronze medal at the Olympics in this category. Alex has also participated to the AXIS Games in 2011. He is a great source of motivation and inspiration in our region.

Long life to Canadian athletes and thanks to the AXIS store in Saint-Sauveur for contributing to the well-being and emergence of young athletes of the Laurentians!