Take the summer to review your HSE process in 5 easy steps!

It is well known throughout businesses that summer is generally a downtime period for decision making and sales. Many employees go on vacation to enjoy summer activities. So rather than letting time pass with routine tasks why not evaluate the different departments processes of and update them before fall. Bringing a fresh wind into your optimized processes will undoubtedly motivate your troops for September. We want to help you achieve “0 accident » and therefore we’ve put together a text that will guide you to assess your HSE processes.

1- Analyse your data
It is important to compare the data accumulated since at least the last five years. You should note your progress in terms of number of accidents in your workplace. Moreover, by analyzing your “Data”, you should identify the best prevention practices, that is to say those impacting the most your accident rate.

2. Set goals
Set “SMART” objectives with the health and safety committee making they sure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and based on a Timeframe. The purpose is to motivate your workers to take prevention seriously to avoid incidents accidents by wearing their personal protective equipment and by working in a safe manner. The ultimate goal is to achieve 0 accident at work in 1 year!

3- Promote the objectives
Benefit of the summer period to communicate your the health and safety objectives by using original ideas always involving your employees in the promotion activities. See it as if it was a new product marketing campaign. You could display attractive posters in the workplace presenting the OSH objectives and others offering tips to achieve them. Do not be afraid to be innovative in your approach!

4. Schedule the meetings
Fall will be back shortly as well as hectic agendas, so why not plan your health and safety committee meetings in the summer? Members will then be able to organize their schedules accordingly. It will then be easier to bring everyone around the table at the same and proper time.

5- Develop an action plan
Detail the measures to be taken to achieve your goals. Whether training, maintenance, acquisitions or purchases, take the time to clarify each step. Setup a work schedule and a budget and follow it during the year. It would even be better to implement performance indicators to measure the impact of the planned actions. Identify the working methods, the health & safety policies, the training sessions to attend, the first aiders, the many tools available to your employees and communicate, communicate, communicate!

It is important to validate the effectiveness of these processes, to convey a preventive and to raise awareness, and do not forget to validate the compliance of your equipment. The best way to succeed is to detail the tasks and define the method. Do not hesitate to promote and « sell » in-house accident prevention as you would promote a product or service to your customers. It is obvious that by taking care of the health & safety of your employees you will ensure the productivity and the profitability of your business.

You should know that for good management of your health component, safety, environment and absenteeism, Maerix offers Smaat software which is completely adapted to your OSH reality. It has recently been reviewed thoroughly and the new version will meet all your needs. Put it to the test!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer all your questions.