Why is it important to offer continuous training?

In addition to providing a real return on investment for companies, continuous training also makes it possible to increase their competitiveness while generating better overall productivity. It is even more important to realize that a large mass of baby boomers will retire in the coming years. That being said, they should not leave a company and bring their expertise and knowledge with them. To counter this problem, it is essential to have a plan of knowledge transfer and train well the new generation of employees. Then, knowing that training improves workforce’ commitment to a company, Maerix decided to write an article about the benefits of offering continuing training programs.

1- Improves the skills and qualification of your employees
First of all, providing training to your employees allows them to remain even more competent and efficient in their roles. As a result, they will gain confidence on a daily basis and this will allow you, as an employer, to benefit from better productivity while increasing your competitiveness. In this sense, training helps in generation of new ideas and innovation within the company.

2- Key element of a retention strategy
By offering continuing education to employees, they acquire the knowledge they need to carry out their mandate. By recognizing the qualification obtained from their employer, these become loyal. Moreover, the importance given to an employee by a company in offering him to be more and more competent, the latter will increase his sense of belonging to the enterprise and will be all the more satisfied.

3- Enhances the image of the company
A robust training program and culture are essential for any company seeking a better corporate image not only from a client perspective but also from future employees. Indeed, the company develops an expertise in its field and thus it can help in attracting talented candidates. On the clients side, well-trained employees can make their experience memorable.

4- Increases the motivation
Continuous enterprise-based training helps employees reach their full potential and generally lead to a higher motivation in their day-to-day work. While making work more challenging, continuing education boosts employees confidence in their abilities. As a result, they will be much more motivated and willing to get involved in the innovative processes of the company so it remains competitive.

5- Significantly reduces resistance to changes
It is recognized that the staff of a company that engages in a training process is better able to cope with the changes that may occur in an organization. Indeed, training allows employees to make the technological or organizational transition easier.

6- Reduce the risk of injury
By training your employees regularly on the tasks they must perform, you will substantially reduce work-related injury and illness. You will thus have a better management of health and safety in your organization and you will be able to reduce expenses related to these incidents.

In addition to fostering a positive work environment and engaged employees, training has several benefits as outlined above. Moreover, our Synapse software can simplify the task when it comes to managing the training, skills and certifications of your workers.

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